Ladies I hope you didnt miss this one! The biggest catfight to end all catfights, southern style went down last night! The Real Houwesives of Atlanta Reunion, held at the Biltmore turned into nothing more than a well dressed shi! show! Bravo’s own Andy Cohen even looked tired of the maylay!

Things started with Kandi Burris discussing the sucess of her new sex-toy line reporting that it has already brought in great sales. In a creepy cosign, Phaedra chimes in that they “actually work”….too much. Of course NeNe Leaked sported a look of disgust at this conversation, which resulted in her quickly being called out as an ex-stripper. Nene’s rebuttal? “I stripped. And I’m not putting a dildo up my vajayjay. End of discussion.”. Nice.

Sheree and Phaedra took a turn, discussing their legal run-in during the season when Sheree asked Mrs. Parks to represent her in a child support case. (bad move). Naturally sheree came across quite bitter, and accused the Atlanta lawyer of not helping her win because she was more interested in putting on a show. Phaedra’s classic rebuttal? “I’m gonna let you wear the crown because you’re the queen of throwing everybody under the bus.”

Ouch! Stick with me it gets better:

Nene and Sheree take round two,three, ah who the hell knows…and it gets ugly. Bringing up Sheree’s house, in process of being built NeNe calls it “Neverland”….meaning ‘She is so broke it aint NEVER getting finished” HA! Unfortunately Sheree fires back with a judgement on Nene’s son Bryson who ran into legal trouble last year. After that, it looked like an episode of Bad Girls Club..minus the hair pulling.

With Kim jumping in the mix, her and Kroy’s fast marriage, baby on the way, and “rented” house were discussed. Kandi got her moment in the sun, as she was classified as the “legit rich bitch” of the show which she neither confirmed nor denied. What she DID leak, was that she is now dating a production member of the show! Go Kandi! Part 2 & 3 air next Sunday wherein we get to here from Cynthia’s boo Mr. Peter Thompson, and our favorite groupie Marlo! Stay tuned!

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